Default [Q] Comparing free to paid app advice.


I’ve had a diary app called the “TASP Business Diary” developed for both the iPad and Android tablet platforms.

For Apple, I have a paid version as well as a free (ad supported) version so users can try before they buy.

For Android, I have a paid version and am wondering if I should create a free (ad supported) version, considering the fact that users can uninstall a paid app within 15 minutes to get an automatic refund.

The argument for a free version is that there is no hesitation from users to install and try it.

The arguments against a free version is that they seem to generate very little revenue, and users may continue using the free version without every upgrading to the paid version.

Has anyone had any experience releasing free versions of apps when they already have a paid version out there? Or any other advice for me on how to revenues from the products as they’re my first.

Many thanks and happy new year