Default Thoughts on 3g phaseing out

Just out of curiosity, what are people's thoughts on this?

I'm hunting for a phone so this will better help me decide.

I'm in the market for a new phone and an on a budget.
Short story, I have just recently gotten back on my cell service after being off it for 1-1 1/2 years. I went through a small time of little to no work so as you can imagine I was VERY happy I had pre-paid at the time so I didn't break any deals, so while contact phones offer a better selection of phones, there is something to be said about no contact.

I saw the motto X for $99 at best buy which isn't a bad price.
All the carriers here offer a similar monthly price, $70-$75 a month. While it's no boost mobile, they are all about the same monthly rate.

I've been reading about the moto X and everyone had good things to say about it, BUT only had 3g.

I can live with 3g only personally, because I don't use 4g wimax I have now on this epic 4g touch, so it won't bother me being stuck on the moto X I'm sure.

Only thing that does concern me it's it seems to be a growing trend that carriers are going to 4g lte, so I was curious how long 3g will be around. So if I bought the moto X they say phased out 3g a year later for the 4g lte.

So, all that said, any thoughts or suggestions?

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