Default Is removable NFC sticker design valuable?

What do you do when you need to move or remove NFC tag?
Most NFC tags are made of paper substrate and acrylic adhesive. When you need to change or remove the NFC tags they are difficult to remove or leave gummy residue. Thus most stickers are not placed on fine furniture or on pricey electronics. This limits functionality of NFC tags. Do you have same issues? How do you work around this issue?

Would residue-less, removable and reusable NFC stickers useful?

I have launched a nano suction NFC sticker project on kickstarter, "nfcTack and nfcPad".
I've joined XDA forum to learn about rooting originally, and have been lurking for a while. Since reading more about NFC issues here I have decided to ask your readership for any expert criticism and suggestions.
Thank you for your constructive criticism in advance, and pardon any unintentional newbie behavior.