Default Horrible battery life. Ideas?

I flashed a rom I really love yesterday. Hyperdrive. I love it bc it actually has lots of features from the note3 ported to it. But my battery has been rediculous. At time it goes from like 27 percent to 10 percent in like 15 mins just looking around on xda.

Im using @ktoonsez kt 4.3 tw kernel. Ive undervolted all cpu steps by 25 volts. I use greenify like its going out of style. Brightness is as low as it goes.. only thing I dont wanna hear is maybe its my battery. Bc I could easily restore cm11 or pacman and pull a day and a half without charging. I know that for sure. But any ideas whats draining it? It says screen but the screen shouldnt drain it like that. From 100 to 1 percent in 4 hours.

The last screenshot was from yesterday.