Default [No fix no fee] Unbrick, Custom/Stock Fimware, RUU's, S-OFF and Rooting Service

Unbrick, Custom/Stock Firmware, RUU's, S-OFF and Rooting Service
Hello guys, I am going to run an unbricking, custom/stock firmware, RUU'S, S-OFF and rooting service service for xda developer members.
I am also able to flash different operating systems for example DualBoot, SdBoot, Nand Flash and Native Sd Flash with Andriod for HTC HD2/Leo and any other phone that a different operating system is supported on
The way im going to do it is either mail in service or over TeamViewer.
The rooting and custom/stock firmware service is 5 no matter what device you have
For unbricking phones there will be a small fee ranging from 10 - 20 depending on what device you have
The unbrick service is not for hardbricked phones (phones that require jtag) eg. will not power on at all, not recognized by pc, will not enter fastboot or download mode with jig if required. This service is for semi or soft bricked phones only!

How to get these services
PM me like this :

Device:<your device and model>
Firmware:<your fw here>
Custom/Stock Fw Required:<custom firmware here if wanted>
Root:<yes or no>
Bricked:<yes or no>
Explanation:<if bricked how did it happen>
RUU Required:<yes or no>
S-OFF Required<yes or no>
Mail in service:<yes or no>
If HTC HD2/Leo Andriod or WinMobile and required boot option:<yes or no. andriod or windows mobile. how you want it installed>

After I have established what you want doing to your device and have replied you will need to pay the fee (depending on what you want) with the donate button on my post
If you decide to use the mail in service i will pm you with my home address to send your device to
If I cant perform a requested service on your device (as long as its not hardbricked) there will be a full refund including shipping cost if mail in service is used

Mail in service is only for Uk and Ireland Residents
Hopefully if i get enough customers and save up the money I am going to buy a Riff Jtag box for fixing hardbricked phones for a small fee of 10 !
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