Thumbs down N7100 on N7100XXUEMK9 Imei 0049 and can't flash wih ODIN

Hi everybody
BIG BIG problem with N7100
Flashed with latest N7100XXUEMK9
So now imei is something like 0049xxxxxx
I can't flash with odin 3.07 or 3.09 this firmware KS_MULTI_CSC_N7100XXUEMJ5 and the patch file to remove knox
I read i need to flash N7100XXDMB6_N7100OXADMB1_N7100XXDLK7_HOME.tar and modem to get back my imei
Someone can help or know the trick ?? thanks in advance
I am looking for a patch for N7100XXUEMK9 perhaps it will help