Info 2 [How-To] Wireless PC to Phone File Transfer via LAN [Easy][Free]

I recently started looking in to ways to transfer files wirelessly over wifi and was surprised at how little info there is here on xda. Though there are quite a few ways to accomplish this, for now I discuss one which is easy, free, and offers the option of remote (as in from your couch) manipulation of files on your PC as well.

The first question you might ask is, "why". Personally, I transfer a lot of files and I always worry about damaging my usb port when connecting to my PC many times a day. Also, if you already damaged your usb port, this offers a faster and more simple alternative to uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive, then downloading to your device. And if you have wireless charging on your device, you have the option to go (almost) completely wireless.

Feel free to use this thread as a place to discuss and share other methods of wireless file transfer.

Anyway, enough intro. On to the guide...

What you need:
A PC (this guide is for Windows 7)
A phone or tablet
ES File Explorer
Wifi network

This method should work for just about any phone or tablet, and any PC.

This method in general is not as fast as usb transfer. As such, it is not really practical for transferring large amounts of data (as in gigabytes).

PC Screenshot

Phone screenshot

1) On your PC navigate to Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center.

2) Click on your wifi network, Details, then write down your IPv4 Address.

3) On your phone open ES File Explorer, then navigate to LAN and hit the + (New) icon.

4) Enter your IPv4 Address, and user name and password for your PC.

5) Still in the LAN tab, click on the new PC icon. You have now accessed you PC hard drive from your phone!

At this point you have numerous options. I created a folder on my PC desktop named "Transfer" where I drop files to copy to my phone (you can find your desktop from ES File Explorer at Users, <your user name>, Desktop). Now I simply long-press the file to transfer, select "Move to" from the "More" menu, then select the destination on my phone.