Default [Q] rooted i777 running stock MD8 & AJKv4.9 NoSwap :: Stuck in boot loop

Howdy partners, not sure if I should have started my own thread...let me know if that is proper procedure please. I've already read the recent boot loop thread by vlmaadir t=2558286, but I'm unsure as to the applicability of the solutions in that thread to my problem.

I'm in a similar situation as the vlmaadir, except I've been running the most recent stock ROM (UCMD8) and have rooted via framaroot and flashed the AJKv4.9 - NoSwap Kernal successfully around 12/5/2013. Of course I've yet to do a backup of the OS or apps, but pics/vids/contacts were all recently backed up.

About two weeks ago I started noticing random reboots, but wasn't really sure what to make of that, never any boot looping though. Well this morning the phone was working when i woke (phone alarm raised me from the dead on time) and had approx. 70% battery, but by the time I got to work, the phone had apparently powered off.

When I powered it back on, it took a several minutes to boot up (normally around 45sec-1min), once booted the battery showed about 10-15% (in the red). The few apps I opened worked (naked browser, outlook), but were a bit laggy. I decided to restart the phone from the regular power menu to see if that would help the laggy/battery issue, and upon restart I am now solidly stuck in my 1st android boot loop!!!

I can boot into CWM recovery, but have yet to do any wiping as I wanted to seek a bit of advice here 1st.

If anyone has any pointers, I'm listening.