Default [Q] Battery drains when connected to certain WiFi network

I'm having a problem that has persisted across my last 2 devices, my previous Nexus 4 and my current Note 3. When connected to wifi at work, my phone will not sleep and is manifested by "Android OS" awake time show up in the battery information. Today I did a test, 1 hour with wifi on and 1 hour with wifi off. For the hour wifi was on, Android OS kept the device awake for 47 minutes. For the hour wifi was off, Android OS kept the device awake for only 2 minutes.

From my research there seem to be two possibilities:

1) A wireless router problem--outdated, incorrect settings, etc.
2) High volume of data that is broadcast to all devices across the network--something on the network is repeatedly pushing data out to my phone and waking it up.

I've ruled out an issue with the phone or an issue with a particular app, as this problem only manifests itself on this particular wifi network.

Unfortunately, since it's the work wifi network, I don't have access to router settings, hardware, etc.

Does anybody have any ideas how to remedy this or am I just going to have to avoid connecting to wifi at work?