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Hello everybody at xda. My name is George and I'm fairly new to android hacking and such. It's been a month since I rooted my first phone (Samsung galaxy y) I found there was very limited custom ROMs but nevertheless was proud of what I had done. Since then, I have rooted a galaxy s gt I 9000 and have installed CM 11 nightly. It was fairly simple. I rooted my dad's lg optimus 4xhd p880. When I tried to install CWM recovery my dad's phone got an error report when trying to boot. (On the lg logo it had tiny red writing at the top.) After researching I discovered we hadn't unlocked his boot loader and trying to flash CWM had soft bricked. We ran the phone in SW mode by holding vol down with the battery out and connecting a USB to the computer. Then with lg tools flashed the stock recovery back. After that we unlocked the boot loader with a BL unlock .exe found on xda and BINGO!! I flashed CWM touch on (because it's the only one that will flash 4.4+ kitkat ROMs in this device) and now it's flashed with beanstalks 4.4.2 ROM. It's totally amazing. I've also rooted a galaxy s3 mini gt I 8190n and flashed dmod on it witch is an OK rom. As much as I love rooting and stuff I don't have any more devices so I was hoping for some feedback and ideas of what I can do next!
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