Question [Q] CWM Recovery for Allwinner A10 **Bootable SDCard**

I it possible to make a Bootable SDCard version of CWM Recovery for Allwinner A10?

CWM Recovery for Allwinner A10

Create a bootable img file like this:


Finally, follow procedures like this to create a Bootable SDcard that has CWM for Allwinner tabs. These procedures are for the nook but same idea.

This is useful for the Craig CMP741e tablet that does NOT support a reset mode, none of the typical combinations of power/volume buttons get you to a restore screen. Once I load a bad ROM (touch screen doesn't work AND adb USB debug mode disabled by default) I can only use PhoenixCard to wipe everything going back to stockROM.

When it's unnecessary if I can just get into CWM to restore or load working from ROMs from the internal sdcard. This would make more sense if I was allowed to post in the "CWM Recovery for Allwinner A10" thread.