Default Another Can't boot after unlock and twrp install

I'll try to make this brief and to the point as I realize how many people come here seeking help.

I've rooted many android devices (my first was an htc incredible) so I'm not exactly "new" per say, but don't really fully understand what I'm doing either long story short.

Got my nexus 7 today, tested some things with the screen when I first got it (just playing videos to see how bright it is)

I Followed a video suggested (somewhere) on the forums (video here (but I can't post urls))

-Sat down, got the usb drivers from here - Can't post link

-got adb fast boot tools - can't post link

-Downloaded SuperSU

-Enabled usb debugging in settings

-Booted into recovery

-Updated Driver when prompted

-allowed usb debugging after entering adb devices command

-used adb reboot bootloader command

-used fastboot oem unlock command (worked succesfully)

-used flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- (personally I think it didn't flash correctly because I don't know how to explain issues I will detail below

- (unless this is where I went wrong) rebooted to get into os so I could place on internal storage for rooting

- sticks at glowing X

ADB won't recognize the nexus 7 in recovery or bootloader

Windows only sees the nexus 7 as either

MTP USB Device

I've tried wiping from recovery, it fails.

I DO seem to be able to get adb to recognize the tablet when it is in recovery mode now.

Adb lists

06d9e78e Recovery

I've tried reflashing Twrp, still can't wipe, Is it possible for me to just install kitkat from recovry straight from adb or fastboot? It's been a while but I was thinking if I could just reset the os it might work. I have razor-krt16s-factory-7235eb0d.tgz ready to go I just don't know how to put it on the tablet without an sd card to transfer with

I have also installed Wugs Nexus Root Kit but since I have no idea what build of 4.3 my n7 is really isn't doing me any good -_-.

any help would be appreciated, I'm stumped but will be continuing to dig for answers.