Default My Battery Issue Solved

Personally there should be a sticky in every forum about this. Turn off "Location reporting" and "location history" from Google Now or Google Maps Settings.

My issue, after switching from an Iphone to Android about 9 months ago, was the battery life was appalling. I tried battery apps but none really solved my problem. After downloading GSam Battery Monitor & wakelock detector a month or so ago, I still couldn't figure out what was draining my battery so bad except I knew it was Kernel android OS, I just happened to be in my wakelock detector settings, and enabled advanced mode, which "shows system process which are used by android OS", and that's when it showed NlpCollectorWakelock & NlpWakelock hammering all the time, it would keep my phone awake at least 20% of the time my screen was off with thousands of wakelocks. I would loose about 6% battery per hour with the phone in my pocket or on my night stand doing absolutely nothing!
I then did a search for NlpCollectorWakelock & NlpWakelock and stumbled on another thread pointed out this is actually caused by Google Now & Google Maps. The fix is to disable "Location reporting" and "location history" from Google Now settings or Google maps settings.

Hope this helps someone.