Question [Q] Need help installing heavy apps on device with small internal memory.

The android device I'm using is a Rooted Proscan PLT9045k 9" tablet running android 4.1.1 with a Rockchip. It has a 1.4 ghz processor with just over 500mb of memory. Internal memory is just over a gig which makes it impossible to install games such as GTA:SA.
I've had multiple attempts installing the GTA games and MC games with no success and I'm running out of ideas. I could explain to you in detail all the things I've tried but I'd rather get fresh suggestions rather than solutions to my attempts.

To cut all the bullsh*t what I'm really trying to do is install game data directly from my SD card. I've attempted to do this with FolderMount but that didn't work. If there's a way to swap my internal SD with my external SD with my model I'd like to know. I currently have a 32gb class 10 micro sd card inside my tablet if you're wondering.

And to any mods that are reading this if my post here is in the wrong thread or what not please feel free to move it to the proper section. As you could probably tell I'm very new here.