Default [Q] 4G signal icon mod for any 4.4 kk roms?

Hey is there anyway someone can make a 4g icon mod for any 4.4.2 roms? I ask because I hate the H signal icon and on previous versions on android I could be able to edit it my own in the system.ui apk but on 4.4 they took it out which sucks so if anyone can I would appreciate it

Current Phone: Google Nexus 5
Current/BackUp Rom: Mahdi-Rom 2.7/LiquidSmooth 3.2 [4.4.4]
Recovery: Twrp

Current Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Current Rom: CarbonRom [4.4.4]
Recovery: Twrp
Old Devices:
Samsung GS3/T999(backup phone)
Samsung GS2/Hercules(damaged)
HTC Sensation 4G(retired)
myTouch 3G Slide(retired/sold)
T-Mobile G1(the game changer/retired)