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I know that we can't load prior software as it won't over write the exploit fix but, here's what I don't understand. When a phone gets sent back for repair, I would think there's a way that they wipe the phone out completely removing any trace of it's previous owner. Including the traces of a new update, boot loader...etc. Then install a completely fresh copy.

Why can't that technique been done to reinstall the previous software that allows boot loader unlocking? Wouldn't a cell phone repair shop have this capability? If you put a new board in the phone, can it be flashed with any software?

Or even in the refurbish process, not everything gets wiped?
I'm sure moto or verizon can do it, but they have access to the software that contains the encrypted key that is necessary.

But, in any event, they probably would just update it to the latest software if that hasn't happened already.

I got lucky. When I had to replace my RAZR MAXX, they "upgraded" me (for free) to a RAZR MAXX HD. I was lucky enough to have it come in with the 9.16 version, which meant I was able to unlock it, which I did immediately.

The main thing to understand is, if you don't unlock at the 9.14/9.16 version BEFORE applying any other updates, there is NO way to unlock the bootloader. It was an exploit that wasn't meant to be there. Said exploit has now been patched, and if you didn't take advantage of it when it was there, then you have no one to blame, not even Verizon or Moto since it was a security issue that they didn't know existed.
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