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Surface RT work like a Pro - Ho to

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Lightbulb Surface RT work like a Pro - Ho to

Hi all,

browsing the web I read in the link below, a way to make RT to work like a Pro. Unfortunatly I'm not familiar with Windows Azure that seems to be the key of this solution.

What do you think about ?

Here you go: http://www.systemcentercentral.com/h...windows-azure/

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Meh, way too much effort for what you get, in my opinion. It's a bunch of shenanigans with remote desktop (remote apps, specifically), working around the limitations on using Windows Server. It'll work, after a fashion, but it's not fast to set up, it requires a good Internet connection at all times, you need to make sure to save locally instead of saving on the server (unless you don't mind leaving the files on the server), and Azure subscriptions cost money (not a lot, for the low-end instances the guy uses, but some).

Saying it makes RT "work like a Pro" is complete hyperbole. It makes RT work as a thin client. No more, no less. Whoop-de-do; welcome to the 1970s.
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I agree with GDTD that it is a tremendous amount a work for a fairly small gain. I think that employing the jailbreak gives one a great deal of flexibility to do pro-like work on an RT.

There's a couple of great text editors (Notepoad++, SciTE, MicroEMACS, Vim), a couple of C# IDEs (QuickSharp, SharpDevelop), two source-control clients (Subversion, Fossil), Python, Perl, Lua and NodeJS, WinMerge.

There really are lots of options for doing real work on the RT without going nuts with Remote Desktopping. No, you're not going to have access to Visual Studio, and compiling C or C++ isn't available, but if that is the subset of development activities that is most important to you, you can always go Surface Pro.
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