Prompt [Q] Help downgrading to 4.1.1 from 4.1.2 - Can't find stock ROM


I will be traveling to the US with my Claro (Panama) Note 2 N7100, it is locked and it asks for an unlock code which my provider and everywhere else seems to be charging 25 dollars for it.

I searched around the forums and found out about the method of the hidden menus, where you enter a *# code etc. But this can only be done on a 4.1.1 ROM, since Hotfile is no more, I haven't been able to download a 4.1.1 ROM to downgrade and unlock, currently I am on Omega ROM which is 4.1.2.

If anybody could help me out to get the files in order to downgrade, or has a better idea on how to accomplish my goal which is unlocking it without paying the $25 fee, I'm whiling to donate to you instead of paying one of this companys.