Question [Q] Ghost calls on V28B again?

I've been using XBSALL's V28B stock ROM with large partitions for a while now. For the past several weeks I've noticed it's been difficult to make succecive phone calls. The call may take 1 or 2 minutes to complete (first ghost call syptom). I ignored it at first because I believed it was due to low RAM memory. Todays apps are very RAM hungry.

Then, a few people started complaining again that I was not answering my calls (most prominent ghost call symptom).

Finally, one day I was trying hard do make a call, the call always taking 1-2 minutes to get through and, in one of these attempts, I got a RIP message ("Reorganazing internal processes" error, the third ghost call symptom).

Since I could not find any recent ghost call thread, I ask:

Are ghost calls still haunting us even on ICS?