Default [Q] NO SIM cyanogen mod

so i just got a i717 didint like ics on andriod 4.0.4 upgraded to andraded 4.1.2 jb perfectly fine. from there i flashed cyanogen mod with twrp. it was cyanogen mod 10.1,whick upgraded me to gb 4.2.2 at this point i got extremly spotty service. so i did a factory reset wiped cached and reflashed the rom now i am getting a no sim card error. like the sim card is not showing up anymore. i went back to jb 4.1.2 and same thing no sim. i did an advanced factory reset then reflashed twrp then flashed jb 4.1.2 STILL no sim card. i installed the newest version of cyanogen mod 10.1.3 and still no service. its unlocked to t mobile.i dont know what to do to get this sim to work. i have also tryed using a friends tmobile sim and didint read it and i have also tryed to use another friends att sim card and still no luck. Im going to order a new sim tray tomorrow untill then does anybody know whars going on or any fixes?????

Thanks in advance!