Default Samsung Service Centre experience!

Hey guys, so as my warranty was about to get over, I thought of taking my note to them and get a service, I needed to get an update! they actually downgraded my phone, which happened for good, I always complaint about subway surfers hanging and frame drops, but after they flashed it (not via Odin) the problem was gone, it is not like I haven't done it my self, I have flashed almost each and every firmware from 2.3.5 to 4.1.2 via Odin and that problem arose always,
they gave my device back to me in 25 minutes due to lot of S4's in the line! btw I am really happy with the samsung support service, I live in Faridabad, Delhi, India the service center was good, they told me to calm for 15 minutes, I even checked my IMEI and I did not have any change in the IMEI No.
I am happy!

P.S. you can all post your service center experiences here!
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