Phone [Q] Touch disabled while booting and on lockscreen

My xperia sola is relocked , so i have lost DRM keys, but now the problem is , touch input while booting is disabled , dont know how..

So i couldnt enter into recovery by tapping on SONY logo, no safemode,

moreover when phone starts and lockscreen appears, i cannot do any operation of touch,

then i have to press the power button to turn off the screen and again press the power button, after that the phone works normally,

Can anyone tell me why i am facing such problem? is it due to Lost DRM keys?
Current Phone- Xperia Sola
Rom: Stock ICS :|

Previous Phone - Xperia Sola - Bricked and replaced with xperia P, further replaced by same xperia sola
Bootloader- Relocked
ROM- stock ICS 54 (Antutu - 7200!!!!!)
Unofficial Jelly bean Munjeni (Antutu Result - 4500)
eXperience v2 (antutu- 6400)