Unhappy Sony Xperia Pro - wont reboot in recovery manually or in Rom Manger

Hi all,

Before I start I just wanted to say that I have looked for a solution for this problem extensivly over the last 48 hours on these forums and other sites before asking for your help. And I apologise if I have missed the solution in another thread somewhere.

My problem is this with my Xperia Pro

I have rooted my xperia pro using Eroot
and i have used recoverX to install custom recovery (i chose ICS one and did not tick developer mode)
I then downloaded Rom Manger and granted it superuser permission
and I then went to the reboot in recovery mode to make a backup, factory reset etc


the phone just boots up the OS again, it does not go into recovery mode, and nor does it manually either
I'm quite a noob at these things

Have I done something wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give