Question [Q] How to update in-app content?

Hi all,

I'm creating a web-based android app using Apache Cordova

The app content consists of a bunch of HTML pages and images in e-book form. They are wrapped by an index file and a buch of javascripts. (Cordova creates a webview around it so I can display the HTML fullscreen on any device)

These HTML pages are automatically generated on a webserver. Right now I put them in the app manually and push out an update (updates are not very frequent) but I would like to automate this process and display a notification when the user start the app.

How can I do this? Are there any standards people use for in-app updating? Also, would it be possible for such updater to download and unpack a zip-file containing HTML pages and images?

First time I'm trying to achieve something like this. I hope someone can get me in the right direction

Thx in advance!