Question [Q] Eclipse: workspace dir isn't saved any more correctly

I use Eclipse Luna. I had the problem that it hanged on start.
So I started it with eclipse -clean. Now it's alright except for
workspace settings.

I want Eclipse to automatically start with a particular workspace
like it was before the eclipse -clean start.

Now Eclipse starts without opening the saved workspace.
But the workspace is saved somewhere because I can choose it
at File->Switch Workspace->D:\workspaceEclipse.

When I choose it Eclipse is restarting and opening D:\workspaceEclipse
automatically. But the workspace directory is only saved for one start.

When I exit Eclipse (File->Exit) and make a new start it is again
starting with empty workspace and I have again to choose
File->Switch Workspace->D:\workspaceEclipse.

But I want to open the workspace D:\workspaceEclipse automatically
for ever like it was before the Eclipse start with -clean parameter.

What ist to do to reach it?