Default Issue With Live Wallpaper on Touchwiz

Hello and Happy New Year.

I have recently wanted to try using a live wallpaper on my GT-N7000 running 4.1.2 and Touchwiz (I am on Philz kernel if that matters)...

I note that when I use the settings page for Display | Wallpaper there are 3 choices: Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Both. If I tap Home Screen choice, I get 3 options: Gallery, Live Wallpapers, and (non-live) Wallpapers. I get the same 3 options if I tap the Both screens choice. But when I tap Lock Screen only choice, I do not get the option for Live Wallpapers - only Gallery and (non-live) Wallpapers.

So it seems I can have a live wallpaper on the Home Screen only or on both Home and Lock Screens simultaneously. Of course, what I want is not available here. I want a static wallpaper on my home screens and a live wallpaper on the lock screen. Seems like I can't get there from here.

So is there a way to get the setup I want? Thanks.