Default [APP] TextViewNG

This is a modified version of Haali Reader, one of my favorite Windows Mobile program. But the original author said "Modified versions must not be named 'Haali Reader'", so I renamed it TextViewNG which is, well, the name of the source code archive (and probably the original name of the project).

Removed Features:
  • PNG File Support
  • JPG File Support
  • ZIP File Support
  • XML Parser
  • Dictionary
Since we are using Windows, let other people do their job. I'm focusing on reading.

You can get the source code from here. This software requires MFC and the MFC in the ported app thread doesn't work. I have to rebuild my own library. The source code is copyrighted and the binary is 1.27 GB, so I'm not going to release any of those but willing to offer help.