Phone Need help saving files from HTC Desire with defect ROM


my best fried had a htc desire, with german o2 branding.

somehow, the phone crashed and even no recovery mode / factory reset was possible (red triangle).
the bootloader ist looked, hboot ist v. 1.27.0000.

I am not so good in android-rooting (I just could root my htc one x, and this was really exciting for me ).

Everything that is possible at the moment ist to get in bootloader and to use fastboot.
the main thing is that my fried wants to conserve 500 pictures that are stored one the phone.

I tried to search for a possibility to get these pictures via fastboot but I think theres no "mass storage option" in fastboot, right?

I am not so good in these things, but I think it could be possible to save the files, but dont know how.

Could you pls. help me with this? would be really really gently and great if I could do this anyhow...

thank you

kind regards