Tablet [Q] Galaxy Note 10.1-- Decrypting not allowed!!?

Hi All,

I have my Note 10.1, and i had to install an exchange email for which i had to encrypt the device and the SD. now that i removed this email account, i want to decrypt the device "i noticed that it gets slow after encryption especially with the S-Pen".

the problem is that i don't see a Decrypt option, it is grayed..

when i go to settings>security>Decrypt Device

it says charge your device to at least 80% and connect the charger, and set an unlock passoward of at least 6 characters, contining at least 1 number.

after charging and connecting the charger, it still ask to set this password and the "Decrypt Device" at the bottom is grayed!

so my question, is how to decrypt this device??