Default [Q] Using Samsung Tablet as Monitor for Mac Mini

Thanks for all the great info guys.
I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer.
I had my Galaxy Tab stolen along with my Macbook Air and need to replace.
This time I would like to get a fully spec'd Mac Mini and get the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or 12.1.
Anyone know how to get Samsung tablet to be used as a monitor for Mac Mini? I want to work off Tablet while connected to Mac Mini for
my video and audio work and then use the tablet later for web and other android stuff.
I would prefer a wired connection since Mac Mini has all kinds of ports that are fast.
Anyone know of a work around for this kind of setup?
I need to have both because of the heavy work I do in video and audio on Mac and the the heavy
research I do online with tablet. The pen would be a great help in both systems. I've seen on youtube that
tablets touch screen can be used on Macbooks.
Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.