Default How to fix the wlan_rx_wake wakelock if you use a Fritz!Box

Friends of the night,

after another clean install of JB .96, root, removal of junk apps and disabling of google apps by Titium Backup, deactivating location services and automatically switching off mobile data while screen is off (by Elixier 2) I still wasnīt satisfied with my battery drain during sleeping.

BBS showed me that my Acro S still had plenty of wlan_rx_wake kernel wakelocks during night if my DELL Wifi Printer and/or my Dell Laptop was switched on. The reason for this wakelocks is that these boith devices are always communicating and therefore they wake up android devices.

A easy way of preventing these wakelocks is to create a guest access in your Fritz!Box and the only device which is connected to this guest access account is your Android phone.

Thatīs it.