Default [Q] how to enter debug or recovery or unstock

hello, i have a tablet techpad that only has the power button and the reset hole
i have been reading a lot and i'm desperate now
the tablet got stuck in the gmail user account due to several attemps from a friend to unlock it i forgot the password so i cant unlock it

reading i find that it can be fixed with adb but when i do all the tutorials i always find that debuggin options needed to be activated wich they arent
i try contacting the manufacters but they did not respond

basically i cant enter to the recovery because it only has the powerbutton
i cant use adb because the debuggin options are not activated

what i can access is the internal and external memory in the computer via usb cable

is there a slution for this problem, is it posible to move something in the files so it automatically boots into recovery or to activate debuggin?

thanks in advance