Default Allshare dongle on Beans Jelly Beans build 2 won't connect

I just got a Sammy Allshare dongle that comes w/ a wall charger and an hdmi cable, hooked it up and enabled Screen Mirroring from settings. I see the dongle and select it, but other than getting the mirroring symbol on the notification bar, nothing happens, no home screen on the tv. It just shows the Samsung instructions. After a while signal goes away and the TV goes dark and searches for signal.

I also try to do it directly from the video player, choose the mirroring optipn, select the dongle, and it just says "processing" and nothing ever happens. The video file playing has 1080p resolution if that matters.

Has anyone got the allshare dongle to work with any Beans build, or does it require stock ffirmware?