Angry Xperia Neo/Neo V windows 8.1 fastboot fix

I was facing the same problems as mentioned in various threads. I was also about to go back to windows 7 but the windows 8.1 looks kept me sticking to it and finally after two to three nights of googling and finally got to use the fastboot fix for windows 8.1

At this point of time two fixes are floating on different forums

This fix will enable users having USB 3.0 for fastboot

I had Renesas USB 3.0 Controller with default drivers provided by microsoft.

If you have the same configuration then all you have to do is download the Renesas USB 3.0 driver from here

Then install the fastboot driver as you use to do windows 8 by disabling the signature check

Steps for disabling the signature check
  • Press Windows Key + R (or go to Run)
  • Type “shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00″
  • Go to Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Start Up Settings –> Restart
  • After a computer soft reboot, hit Option 7 (Disable driver signature enforcement)
  • Restart your PC

For people having Intel extreme USB 3.0 driver go to Driod Now forum

I hope this method solves the fastboot problem for everyone