Default [Q] How did they do this?!

youtube com/watch?v=AoBejLbzM4w&feature=share&list=UUAElPIdn_2 8GgEfo9Dy9mpQ&index=3

I've been searching for a car infotainment solution forever. Saw this video and spent countless hours trying to figure it out.

Short of buying a new head unit for my car, is there anyone out there that can explain how to do this?

Looks like it phone connects to a tablet running a single app. When connected they mirror each other. It would be nice to have a large display screen in a car or boat that could mirror the phone with touch controls. I found countless apps that will mirror but few with touch controls and those required wifi. Kind of hard in a car but possible.

They have another video showing the same mirroring on a linux machine.

youtube com/watch?v=hEToa0EhNcg&feature=share&list=UUAElPIdn_2 8GgEfo9Dy9mpQ&index=4