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Thanks guys... That's pretty much where I thought things were. I am puzzled as to why - I'd have thought something like the Nexus 7 with phone would be a Monty for market share. Let's face it, phone users are not going to want the bigger form factor anyway, but adding a phone to a tablet of reasonable size (i.e. large pocket) and reasonable weight (i.e.sub 400gm or so) would have people swarming to buy.

There's another reason, and one that is part of my reason for the question - some of us are older. Tiny screens running HD are not exactly eye friendly and Android doesn't do scaleability worth a damn until you are on a web page. A 7 or 8 inch screen at HD is far more readable than a 5 inch. And people my age have disposable income without having to ask our parents.

And once one company does it, they'd all have a version. The market would split in two, large and small screens. As it is, I wonder how many potential phablet users just think 'stuff it, I'll stick with my phone and my laptop/home desktop and bugger the upgrade.' Samsung 8 LTE might be the go - been looking at the Note 3 for exactly the reasons here...

Why Google decided to copy the phone companies in paradigm instead of breaking the market open I have no idea.
You are so right. There is nothing right now on the market with: (a) HD screen (1080x1920), (b) 4G, (c) 7" screen
Absolutely nothing. It is amazing the N7 cannot make phone calls.

And you are also right on the "age" but on general use as well. I struggle on my 4.5" smartphone - not only because my eyes are not as good anymore, but also because no web sites can display properly and as soon as you have the keyboard on the screen it's all gone.

The 7" and the weight is an ideal replacement for a smartphone! The business heads in Google obviously need to be sacked.