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[Q] More MicroSD card problems

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Default [Q] More MicroSD card problems

Hi everyone. This is the 3rd time my phone has spontaneously unmounted my card, and this time it simply destroyed my microSD card. I have no music on the card (read that thread) nor have I yet had any re-boot cycle problems. I simply get a message that the card has been "unexpectedly removed". It has, of course, not been. The first 2 times I was able to get the card working again with no data loss. I turned the phone off, took the card out, rebooted the phone without it, then re-inserted it and rebooted the phone again. It was fine. This time, the card was simply dead. My phone wouldn't see it, nor would my computer. I changed out the little adapter card case and finally the computer saw there was something, but said it was not in "any known format". My only choice was to format the card. I formatted it on the computer and ran a disk check on it, put it in the phone and booted up. I got a little icon with a question mark, and a message that the card was either blank or un-formatted. So, I let the phone format it. Again. It now shows up in the storage description, empty and usable- so I don't think it's a bad card. The card is a Samsung 8 gig card. Note3 is stock, 4.3, Verizon is the carrier. Build JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE

I want to add that I think it has something to do with the camera. I have the camera app save directly to the card. I've noticed that on all three occasions this has happened, its been shortly after I had a couple of odd photos. A portion, usually the lower third of the photo (if you think of a grid) is gray. Just like part of it is cut off. I auto-save my photos to google, and they look fine when I view them there, but on the phone, they were corrupt. One didn't show up in the thumbnail preview in the gallery at all. Also, the camera was taking an inordinately long time to save. All my photo stuff is stock...gallery and camera app...no editing software except what little bit is offered in the gallery.

Has anyone else had similar problems. Anyone have any ideas for a fix?
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I would try another card. If it happens again, then it's your phone. Sounds like a hardware issue. So try another card, if it happens again, Factory Reset. If it happens after that with different cards, then I would send my phone in for a replacement.

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What class card?

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Originally Posted by stealthpaws View Post
... I changed out the little adapter card case and finally the computer saw there was something...
FWIW, I have fooled around with moving microSD cards between:

(i) a camera (which uses a SD card adapter for the uSD)
(ii) a (POS) USB dongle card reader attached to a computer
(iii) same (POS) USB dongle card reader attached to a Nexus 7 OTG cable (rooted ROM or TWRP recovery running)
(iv) an older Android (Gingerbread) phone

In doing the above, all sorts of bad things have happened:

1) Occasionally the camera reports there is no card present (honestly, I think this is simply loose contacts when using a uSD to SD card adapter). Turning off the camera and re-inserting the card fixes this.

2) Loss of all files necessitating re-format after re-inserting card into Camera following a visit with the N7**

3) VFAT filesystem not recognized by OS kernel on the N7+OTG, but works fine with TWRP with same OTG+card reader (that is, some kind of strange kernel sensitivity)

4) Failure of Camera to recognize media after insertion into the GB Android phone - apparently due to many directories created at the SD card root. Card is not corrupted, but camera no longer recognizes it.

** this would only occur if I used the SD Card slot of the (POS) USB dongle card reader; if I plugged the the uSD card into the uSD slot on the (POD) USB dongle card reader, things were fine. Go figure.

So I guess what I am saying is that - based on my experience - your mileage is probably going to vary .

I was doing all this (albeit not with a Note 3) while I was travelling, and only had the Camera, Nexus 7, OTG cable, camera USB cable, and (POS) USB dongle card reader with me - no laptop or other computer.

Finally what I ended up doing - which seemed to cause the least amount of trouble - was to boot my tablet into recovery, and attach the camera to the tablet as an OTG Mass storage device. That is: the uSD card never leaves the camera.

I'm not up to speed about OTG on the Note 3 yet (e.g. is root even needed?), so I don't know what your options are there, but perhaps this gives you a couple of different things to try.

Just make sure you've got all your photos backed up safely off the uSD card before you start experimenting.



[Edit] I see I am guilty of not reading the OP carefully - you were only moving the card out of the Note3 to investigate what was going wrong, not as a matter of course.
Anyway, it could be a mechanical issue (intermittent contacts), or it could be a bad card. Although card class might make a difference for high-speed writing, you shouldn't experience corruption even if you are using a very slow (class 2) card - unless there are bugs in the kernel.

If you have another card to try out (before you rush out and start buying cards), that might be a useful experiment.
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Question? SD Card from eBay? I had no luck with 3 64GB Class 10 cards off eBay got fed up and went to Walmart and got a Ultra U1 Class 10 64GB and haven't had a problem since. I have tons of music and pics on it no problems for the last 2 months. Lots of fake SD Cards on eBay from what I read.

Just my 2 cents
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