Default Leather case, Kick stand case, and dock all for a great price!

I found the following accessories at a site call tmart so I ordered them and I have to say they are nice. Shipping was fast and only took a few days (2 or 3). So I'll give a mini review on each item. (sorry for the photo quality, I had to use my G Pad)

First up is a leather case. I haven't had a case like this in years so I didn't know how I would like it. It is nice to have the screen covered and a magnet locking it into place. When I use the phone you get the feel that there is no case on it because the bezel is so small. I'm not sure how it will hold up after long period of use but it is defiantly worth the price! See the pictures below:

You can grab one here

Next up is a clear case with a kick stand. Nothing special but a nice feature to have. I like to use it while I watch movies and youtube videos. The stand is ok, and works pretty well. I love the texture on the sides, it allows for amazing grip... best out of all the cases I own. At first it was a little hard to get al the sides aligned but eventually it broke it and works well. This will be my daily driver for a little but I will probably go back and forth between the leather one. See photos below:

You can pick this up here (note there are multiple color options!)

Last item I got was a docking station. I was looking for one but I didn't want to spend a lot of money, well Tmart had an awesome option. Not much to say besides it is a docking station that even though it is promoted as for samsung it works well with the G2. I will let you know that will show up as "slow charging" but that is fine fore me because I let it charge throughout the night. It doesn't take a long time to charge. See photos below:

You can grab this here
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