Angry [Q] which android tablet to buy

I'm looking to get a 7" Tablet. Mostly to try it out, but I'd like to read books, email, and have something low profile instead of a computer while traveling. What's most important is that there's a proven method to rooting, recovering, and installing a rom on the tablet to extend it's life. I tend to be the type that extends electronics lives (the desktop I'm typing on, I've happily used since 2007). I have a HTC INC2 with evervolv on it. In the cell phone/tablet world, it seems like rooting is by far the preferred way of doing this from what I can tell.

I saw some pretty cheap (cost) tablets ($50-70) but I am skeptical of them, especially as they tend to be made by companies I've never heard of. So I'm wondering... what's the cheapest 7" tablet I can get that can be rooted without excessive hassle so that I can choose the ROM I desire to put on it?

Any advice is accepted.