Default Whatsapp Voicemessage kills Phone Audio

Hey there,
Im running CM11 on my SGSIII and eveytime my phone is playing Music and I want to record and Send a Voice-Message via Whatsapp it will kill my phones Audio. Same issue with CM10 / Normal Whatsapp / Whatsapp+

So again:
Phone is playing Music
Record and Send Voicemessage
No Audio
Everthing is fine

Anyone with the same issue or any kind of solution?
-Searched for this topic (Back to October) and can't find a solution in this Q&A Section

Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII
SD-Card: Samsung 32GB Class 10
Carrier: Congstar
Rom: Dirty Uniccorns
Recovery: PhilZ Touch v6.0.3.7
Kernel:Boeffla Beta