Default Galaxy S4 I9505 stuck in CM logo on CM10.2 and CM11-wiped everything+reflashed rom 3x

My CM10.2 nightly was working fine for about 2 months or something so I didn't bother to update it to the stable version of CM10.2 because there is a problem with flashing roms where it would say stuff like cannot mount system/data/efs and I would need to wipe all the data before flashing a new update of cm10.2. But today, I flashed something that supposedly increases your phone's max volume and anything that has to do with volume(call, videos) was very buggy so I thought it's time to update my CM. So everything went smoothly. I factory reset, wipe systems and then flash CM10.2 stable with gapps. I was stuck at the cm logo for 30 mins and I reflashed+wiped all data 3 times. Didn't work. So I downloaded CM11 latest nightly and flashed it with android 4.4 gapps. Still same thing!! Have been waiting it out and reflashing cm 11/cm10.2 for about 3 hours now but nothing works! How do I fix this?
I have updated CM10.2 nightly many times and this is the first time this has happened.

Using Galaxy S4 i9505