Default [Q] GT i9300 Urgent Help

Good Evening/Hello/Hi,

I own a Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 International Version. I recently started experimenting with roms and cwm and i think i ended up in a dark tunnel. I rooted my phone and installed clockwork (cf auto root) and then tried installing KitKat Rom 4.4 but kept failing each time i entered recovery and tries to flash it. by reading other posts it was suggested to use a higher version of cwm as i was using a version. after trying a later version the rom flashed and also the gaps without any problem. however after booting i realized i had no service, but the phone seemed ok. i decided to flash modem_XXDME4 and Modem DDEMG2 in recovery after reading some posts to get signal back. that's when the trouble started, when the phone rebooted i could not get pass the setup screen to select language, touch is not responding up to this time, i reflashed stock rom, it booted and still no touch , cant get pass the start screen of the language selection. my phone never fell and the creen has no sign of falling. any help would be greatly appreciate.....

Thank You