Prompt [Q] Wifi driver not loading on V88 OMA rom

Hi all,

I'm not sure this thread goes here, sorry if it doesn't.

I bought a Chuwi V88 tablet one month ago. When i received it, everything was running ok. About a week later, WiFi started to fail, i couldn't click the "no/yes" switch to enable it (in the best case, when i could click it, only "enabling wifi" message appeared indefinitely). I tried to flash OMA ( rom to solve it but anything changed. Now i have time again to try to repair the chuwi, but i don't know how to continue.

My actual status is:
V88 S/N (in the backside): 16G2131100086
ROM: Oma_RK31_Chuwi_V88_JB_4.2.2_windoof_v5.2 (multiwindow version)
Kernel: bob #445
WifiFix installed
Factory wipe done (no changes)

When I connect the tablet to ADB, logcat says:

E/WifiHW(412): Timeout to wait for Wifi interface within 15 seconds.
D/WifiHW(412): wifi_unload_driver
D/WifiHW(412): Check driver status: not loaded
E/WifiStateMachine(412): Failed to load driver!
E/WifiStateMachine(412): DriverFailedState

Could someone helps me to solve the problem? I've read the original thread, but i can't post there by now.