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the Z1 is a Major Improvement on the Z with a Faster Processor/GPU Snapdragon 800/Adreno 330, better Screen, no Flaps covering Headphone socket, and Larger 3000 mah battery (better battery life),

I probably would have bought it had SOny opted to go with the S600, unfortunately the Z had the old Snapdragon S4 Pro, with the Adreno 320, had this been on a 720P display then it would be flying even now,

as it stands it struggles with 3D intense 1080P gaming ... it was outdates and Superseeded by the Snapdragon 600 chipsets even when it came out.

right now it isn't worth buying either,


In a serious gaming test my Z nails a stock sgs4.

Every game i play is running just fine until the phone throttles.

The main point in the s800 besides its power is that things will remain smooth even when it's throttled.

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