Post [Q] trouble Dn3v3.2 240 Dpi

Hello everyoneThis is my first question here so sorry for Errors.I use[4.3]DN3(DittoNote3)ROMfromE-team(ElectronTeam)-Updated1/5/2014 and Blue_ViewFor_4.3_MK4/ML3/MK9_One_4_All/4.1.2-Roms_Theme_Mods-&-Extrasforwhatitrespect).The problem is when instal[MOD] [UNIVERSAL](3-Dec)☆ ●ConvertAnyROMis240dpiROM● ☆(ModPackv4)(MK4supported).after installing the mod 240 dpi gone full TouchWiz and I use only a simple screen and large icons.

Step by step what I do
1.install Dn3V3.2
2 instal mod 240 dpi
3 instal blue_View mod and then full touchwiz disappears

please help