Default [Q] Google Location Settings

Hello people,

in the latest Android versions the settings were made much more "simple". So we have just one toggle to change if all google-apps will have access to the GPS signal.
In my case, Iīd like to disable it, except for Maps and Android-Device-Manager. But thatīs not possible anymore! Because by switching this single toggle, you will enable GPS access also to PlayStore (-Services), G+, Now, Hangouts and much more datasucking applications.

But: As you can see in Maps, or in your location settings (last apps wich used your location), it still works by triangulate your GSM signal.
So, it seems that it doesnīt mind whatever you setup on the device.

What have you done? Donīt you mind about all these Applications, reading all your data and current locations?
Do you use any Apps which deactivate this behavior?
HTC One - ViperOne 7.0.0 - Stock Kernel

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