Exclamation [Q] Google Now, Sound Search, and Voice Typing do not work!

I'm relatively experienced with rooting and romming my phone (been doing basic stuff since the first android phone), but I can't seem to figure this one out... I'm rooted and I have a 4.3 ROM running with it's respective kernel. I've tried other 4.3 ROMs and some 4.4 ROMs as well, but I'm consistently having the following problem: Google Now doesn't hear anything from the microphone, Sound Search doesn't hear anything, and Voice Typing doesn't hear anything. If I plug in a headset or headphones with a microphone they all work fine...

I tested the microphone in other apps like sound recorder, and it works fine. So I'm totally confused as to why Google's apps seem to be incapable of activating the microphone... It's quite aggrevating, as it renders these features near useless.

Anyone have any ideas?