Default [Q] Smallest/Tiny/Comfy Nexus 10 Cover/Case

im looking for a most comfy/smallest/most tiny nexus 10 case/cover.
im using this nexus 10 cover/case and used few fake leather/pu leather or plastic covers/cases before. THIS WAS TERRIBLE. most cases can't hold on nexus 10 tight or does not feel right.

so i am looking for a most "comfy" case that i will be able to use with my nexus 10 (the best i can imagine now is a "soft touch" or something like that... like back side of the nexus 10 have).
fake and real leather is a terrible for me. i hate leather items and can't get used for them.
i think case should have smallest formfactor possible ... and i do not want to help nexus 10 stand on table or protect anything else. just protect back side of the nexus 10 (front side of the nexus 10 protected by film) before device will be killed by enviroment/me while i will be carrying it around with having access to all ports clear.

please, recommend me something nice. i'd like to pay around 100 bucks (or less) for it but can't find anything nice around web.