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the X+ doesn't have CM11
Correction. What i meant was the android 4.4 aosp build
Older Devices:
1. Inomobile (not used & kept)
2. Sony phone with numpad (not used & kept)
3. Samsung GT-S5603 (sold)
4. Motorola Milestone XT720 (sold)
5. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (Overheated, repaired & sold)
6. Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 (with my uncle)
7. Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (Cracked and sold)
8. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (Spoilt & sold)
9. HTC One X+ (Spoilt & sold)

Current Devices:
Nokia Lumia 920 - For the Camera & Calls
Nexus 7 2013 - For Games
Chromecast - For Vids