Default [Q] Samsung Proclaim OEM Root ROM

I sucessfully rooted my Samsung model SCH-S720C, Galaxy Proclaim for StraightTalk last summer. It worked fine other than two problems: 1)
File transfers from laptop no longer work 2) when installing a new battery, compatible, the phone will not charge it: error - "non compatable battery not supported, see user manual." Both of these issues are well known for this phone when rooted. I now want to restore this phone back to the factory ROM. (I need to transfer some files) I used Odin3-v1.85 to root with the Pre-rooted.tar and Stock-Kernel.tar that downloaded with Odin. I still have all these. I tried using the Stock-Kernal.tar that came with Odin in the reverse order of the original root but it does not work. It appears to work as the result is "Green - Success" but the phone is still rooted. I am beginning to think the so-called Stock-Kernal.tar that came with Odin is not really a full OEM rom set. Where can I download the OEM ROM or *.tar file for this phone?

If you have any other solid suggestions, your help is greatly appreciated.